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Music Pro Account

  1. What is the Music Pro Account?

Answer – The Music Pro account is an account that allows recording artist to upload and distribute promotional copies of their songs Trakheadz.com DJs and to our Fanbase members

  1. How does Trakheadz.com help me build a fanbase?

Answer – We help artists establish a reciprocal relationship with potential fans.  When you upload your song we send it to our Fanbase members who are looking for you style of music. These potential Fan’s can listen to your music and download it if they like it.  In exchange for allowing them to download your song the Fan gives you feedback on a rating on a scale of 1-5.   Trakheadz.com also established a direct link for you to communicate with them via web-based messaging service.  Through Trakheadz you can send messages to Fans—giving them updates on your shows, events, & invite them to visit your site to hear more of your music.  In addition, when the fan downloads your song they are automatically given a link to where they can buy your music and learn more about you.  The more people you listen to your music, the more your Fanbase builds.

  1. Do you also send my music to DJs? 

Answer – Yes, however, it is done so through a two-tiered process.

  • Tier 1  When your song is distributed it goes out to our Fanbase members.

  • Tier 2  Songs that perform well and are given a high rating by the fans are automatically submitted to the second tier where our DJ’s and other music industry members will review your music.

  1. I opened a Trakheadz.Com account, submitted a song and it was not distributed. Why?
    Answer - While Trakheadz.com provides an equal opportunity for all of its members to have their music reviewed; there are certain criteria that each song must meet in terms of audio quality before they are distributed to DJ members.  Songs will be rejected if they have an abundance of:

  • Static

  • Pops

  • Clicks

  • Bad audio quality

Finally, Trakheadz.com does not review songs to ascertain their hit potential or lack thereof.  We leave that task up to our members.

  1. Can I submit my entire album for review?
    Answer - Trakheadz.com allows you to upload up to four songs at any given time. To upload more songs simple delete one or more of the first four songs and you will be allowed to upload more.

  1. Does TrakHeadz.com collect money from CD Sales that I make as a result of the exposure I receive via your site?
    Answer - No! All we charge the annual membership fee.  There are no other hidden costs.  Our agreement is Non-Exclusive —We do not own, sell or collect fees on your music.  Our basic music service is free

  1. How much does it cost?

Answer - Trakheadz $30.00 per year membership fee for our Music Pro account. There are no other hidden charges.

  1. How does my song chart?

Answer - The charts are driven by the rating that our Fanbase and Music Industry members give you.  The more people who rate your music, the higher your feedback score, the greater chances you have at charting.

  1. Do you have a refund policy?

Answer – Yes. Trakheadz.com will gladly refund you membership fee under the following terms:

  • You have opened a Trakheadz.com Music Pro account, paid the $30.00 membership fee but have not uploaded and/or distributed any music. Trakheadz.com will refund your annual membership fee within 30 days of your opening your account.  Please send a request for refund to billing@trkheadz.com along your Name and User name.

  • You have uploaded song(s) to your Trakheadz.com Music Pro account and ALL the songs were rejected by our QA dept. (& None of your songs have been distributed to our members) Trakheadz.com will refund your $30.00 annual membership fee.  Within 30 days of your opening your account. Please send request for refunds to billing@trakheadz.com

  • No refunds will be given once one (1) or more songs have been approved by our QA department and distributed to our membership.  No refunds will be granted after 30 days of opening a Music Pro account.

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Fanbase Account


  • What is the Trakheadz.com  Fanbase Account?

Answer – The Trakheadz.com Fanbase account allows the general public to log into Trakheadz.com to discover new music.  Anyone looking to find new and exciting music from bands and artists from around the world can create a Fanbase account with us; tell us the type music they are looking for and we will get it to them.

  • How much does the Fanbase account cost?

Answer – Nothing! The only requirement is that you must give feedback on the song BEFORE you can download it.

  • How does Trakheadz.com know what music to send me?  Can I choose specific types of music?

Answer – Yes!  When you sign up for Trakheadz.com Fanbase you tell us the music genre you’re looking for as well as the amount of music you want to receive.  Each week we will only add the genres of music that you requested to your account.

  • Can I sell or distribute the music that I receive from Trakheadz.com?

Answer – NO! Our artist member gives the music to you on a promotional basis as a courtesy for you to give feedback on their songs.  Copyright laws protect ALL Songs that are uploaded by our members.  Any unauthorized distribution is strictly prohibited.

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General FAQ

  1. How do I join Trakheadz.com as professional DJ or other Music Industry Professional?

Answer – To join Trakheadz.com as a Music Industry Professional please email us at inquiry@trakheadz.com.  Be advised that you must include your “real name” and information regarding your work in the music industry for verification.

  1. I heard you offer an account called the Music Access Account, what is that?

Answer – The Music Access Account is a special account designed for Radio Stations, Record Labels and other music industry organizations interested in receiving specialized music distribution and reporting services for their organization from Trakheadz.com.  To learn more about our MAA services email us at: inquiry@trakheadz.com.

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